May 19 – June 25, 2016: Galerie La Forest Divonne – Paris

Grand Sud, a portrait of wanderlust

«I seek to find the beautiful in the mediocre, the mundane. To photograph is to structure reality and, as a result, to raise it to a new status. I am guided by the desire to save the mediocre, in reviving it with beauty. Every day, I cultivate my garden, and my garden is what surrounds me: Grand Sud is the mall around the corner in the industrial zone.»

Jérôme Bryon interrogates the uninspired, charmless common grounds and, through his objective gaze, transforms them into strong and powerful images. These disenchanting estates resemble the Decorated Sheds theorized by Robert Venturi in Learning from Las Vegas. Through a faint gesture, a single step closer to the eye of the camera, he turns over the documentary gaze of the reporter in a search for the visual harmony and aesthetic coherence unique to art photography.

The Grand Sud series is an important new step in the photographic journey of Jérôme Bryon: His studies on detail, integral in an investigation of the texture and consis- tency of reality, find in this thematic series a new balance between form and subject, vision and narration.

This body of work is a subtle balancing act between the empty and full, the vertical and horizontal. These near-abstract photographs reveal the clues that guide the pho- tographer’s wanderlust in this unraveling space. They align with visual haikus: silent and enigmatic works of poetry, where reality imperceptibly slips into abstraction and unveils its hidden command.

JÉRÔME BRYON: Born in 1974, lives and works in Montpellier
Diplomed of DEFA d’Architecture de Paris in 1996 and of Ecole des Gobelins à Paris in 1998.


2016 France, Paris, Gallery La Forest Divonne
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Frontalité, Approches du paysage, Château de Poncé–sur–le-Loir, Sarthe 2013 France, Paris, Grand-Palais, Art Paris – Art Fair, Gallery Vieille du Temple

France, Château de Poncé-sur-le-Loir, Passions Partagées

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