Edition 2019 - PASSAGGI

Presentation of the 2019 Edition | Call 2019

“Mediterranean: photographs between land and sea”, is the festival of photographs that tells the Mediterranean since 2012 as an “experimental” place of relationships where cultures and arts interact, collide, dialogue, evolve.

In 2019 edition the CALL is one with three sections: women photographers, young photographers under the age of 35 and photographers who make reports or make documentary photography in the Mediterranean countries. The interest of the festival is towards a photograph that analyzes the broader aspects of being citizens in the third millennium, in relations with the territory and with people.

For the 2019 edition, in the wake of the research started in 2018, they will be selected the portfolio that analyze the relationships of people with the territory in the crossing places of Mediterranean countries.

But what are the crossing places?

Referring to the vocabulary the word “crossing/passage” has meanings like:

  • transit through a place;
  • place through which one passes travel;
  • change of state or condition;
  • piece of a literary or musical text;
  • intermediate stage

The analysis that we intend to investigate concerns precisely the meanings listed.

“Mediterranean: photographs between land and sea” through photography as a communicator, turns his gaze to new points of view, other cultures, which together make the history of an area as rich as the Mediterranean.

Call 2019


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