The project & About us

Mediterranean: photographs between land and sea” is a festival born in 2012 that creates a series of annual events in which genres and languages ​​interact to ask questions and doubts for new researchs and experimentations. Culture and art reflect on the essential value of the person, his sociability and his relationship with the territories. Art is a fertile ground for dialogue and interaction. Photography, as an artistic expression, helps to convey the knowledge that facilitates sociality.
Photography is communication, photography is a media.
The Mediterranean is an area of ​​mediation that has created since antiquity a cultural and artistic LAB, which has produced and suggested singular development lines. Therefore this area can rise to an “experimental” place of relationships where cultures and arts coexist, dialogue, interact.
The Mediterranean is the ideal territory to know, to discover and unveil, despite its history, because it is multiple and at the same time new. And what media, mediator and communicator, better than photography to tell it?


“Lo Cunto” Association of Social Promotion, is a non-profit organization that organizes the festival “Mediterranean: photographs between land and sea”.
The association has cultural, social and educational goals in the fields of information, photography and art and disseminates them through exhibitions, publications and seminars.
“Lo Cunto” Association of Social Promotion thanks members and supporters.

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