2023 CATCHLIGHT GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP. Open for SUBMISSIONS from november 11-december 9, 2023

CatchLight, a visual media organization that leverages the power of images to inform, connect, and transform communities. The call for submission will be launched during the first Night of Photojournalism in Paris, a chance to meet CatchLight staff and past Global Fellows Bayeté Ross Smith, César Dezfuli, and Roopa Gogineni, and learn about their transformative experiences and creative projects. Presented in partnership with Fondation Carmignac and Dysturb and with the PhotoSaintGermain festival, the Night of photojournalism will celebrate innovation in visual journalism with conversations and projections of works by renowned photojournalists from across the globe. Works by CatchLight Fellows will be displayed in a public installation on the street near the event’s location in Paris.

The CatchLight Global Fellowship focuses on the power of visual storytelling to change the world. They support individuals looking to cultivate significant audience engagement with inventive methods of distribution that will increase the impact of their work. Acting as an incubator, CatchLight Global Fellowship provides financial support with $30,000 grants, fosters personal growth, and develops networking and partnerships. CatchLight seeks visionary candidates eager to lead creatively, leveraging visual communication’s power for social impact. The CatchLight Global Fellowship’s focus on innovative methods to distribute the work and deeper ways to engage audiences is a key pillar to defining the future of the field.

Applications are free and open until December 9, 2023.

April 27, 2024: The Global Fellows will be announced at the CatchLight Annual Visual Storytelling Summit in San Francisco.

Founded in 2015 in San Francisco, California-USA, CatchLight is a nonprofit media organization that leverages the power of visuals to inform, connect, and transform communities. Borrowing from the practices of art, journalism, and social justice, CatchLight invests in excellence in visual storytelling by educating and training emerging talent and established leaders in the field. In addition to the Global Fellowship, CatchLight’s Local program connects visual journalists with local newsrooms. Together, these two programs are aimed to define the future and sustainability of visual storytelling.