08 juin — 18 august 2019_ Galeria Municipal do Porto – Rua D. Manuel II (Jardins do Palácio de Cristal) – Porto, Portugal

The possibility of making a revolution today, in light of the transformations to participation in the public space, is one of the main topics in Maria Trabulo’s artistic practice and the starting point for this exhibition developed with the curator Pieternel Vermoortel at the invitation of Galeria Municipal.
Desertado. Algo que aconteceu pode acontecer novamente emerged from the challenge proposed to the artist to think about and discuss the place of fiction and shared histories in today’s social and political constructions. Assembling several perspectives of thought and artistic proposals, which will meet, cross and inhabit the installation created by Maria Trabulo in collaboration with Pieternel Vermoortel, the exhibition reflects on what might be the place and action of the artist in our evolving political landscape. How can we understand social and political participation through art, and how can art partake in the public debate? In this environment, an act of resistance might also require some fiction.

With the artists: Abbas Akhavan, Ana Kun, Bahman Kiarostami, Dora García, Flaka Haliti, Jeremiah Day, Loukia Alavanou, Melvin Moti, Pilvi Takala.

Curated by: Pieternel Vermoortel

Maria Trabulo (b.1989 Porto, Portugal). Based in Porto and Vienna. Maria has sustained an active artistic work exhibiting both individually and collectively, since 2010, and has been awarded several times for her work both in Portugal and abroad. Has had participations as an artist in various publications and online spaces, among other participations, symposiums, and artist residencies.

Over the course of her practice, Maria has developed collaborative pieces with various professionals in the fields of arts, architecture and performing arts. Trabulo was in 2012 the founding member of collective Expedição, based in Porto and focused in reactivating the artistic practice in the city and the supporting of local artists amidst the financial crisis, with a program based in the intersection of different generations of local and non-local artists.

Maria has recently concluded an MA in Art & Science at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna with the support of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, and she previously graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts in Porto and the Academy of Fine Arts in Iceland.