Paris Photo. 9 – 12 november 2023. GRAND PALAIS ÉPHÉMÈRE, Paris – France.

Paris Photo brings together 191 galleries and publishers at the Grand Palais Ephémère, and online with Paris Photo Online Viewing Rooms. This year, the Main sector brings together 133 galleries from 21 countries exhibiting historical and contemporary works, from modern masterpieces to emerging artists, and gives a very broad panorama of the use of photography. The Publishers sector, with 35 international participants, promotes and defends production of photography books. Under Anna Planas’ curatorship, Curiosa presents 17 artists this year who are taking part in the show for the first time. This sector highlights a choice of the various practices in photography today, from documentary to performance.

A new sector is dedicated to digital photography, curated by Nina Roehrs. She has selected galleries and platforms invested in reflection, and a panorama of artists working with the photographic medium differently, by connecting art with new technologies. Fiona Rogers, curator of Elles x Paris Photo, has designed a path to follow focusing on 36 artists selected from the galleries present at the Grand Palais Ephémère. This programme, initiated in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, is supported by Kering Women In Motion and has designed a path in the show, as well as a series of conversations. It has enabled the amount of women artists represented at the show to increase from 20% to 36% in 5 years.


To celebrate this anniversary, Textuel is publishing Elles, which collects more than a hundred accounts from the artists selected, and provides a platform for the different curators in programme. Paris Photo’s programme also offers a variety of proposals: its partners’ exhibitions, which enable the medium to be to approached under different prisms, from the most iconic to the most contemporary. JP. Morgan displays part of its collection, BMW exhibits its artistic-curator duo, Eva Nielsen and Marianne Derrien, winners of the BMW ART MAKERS programme, MUUS presents historic prints by Fred W. McDarrah which immortalise the start of the movement in favour of homosexual rights, the Ruinart champagne house shows its latest commission to the artist Constance Nouvelle in the Curiosa sector, or Dahinden, which displays the winner of its photography prize, Une autre empreinte (Another print). Two new partners join Paris Photo this year: The Tokyo Toilet with the work of Daido Moriyama, and OPPO, which presents the winners of its photo competition as well as a selection from its platform. Public institutions, Cnap and ARCP provide an insight into photography collection and preservation. Charity Partner, Estée Lauder Companies, raises breast cancer awareness with the Pink Ribbon Award.

Conversations as part of the Platform or Artist Talks, the Paris Photo-Aperture PhotoBook Awards and nearly 300 artists’ signings round out what’s happening at the show, and enable direct connections and discussion with the artists. The show is the heart of a unique week focused on photography and enables all those visiting to discover the flourishing cultural scene and rich photographic heritage of Paris thanks to the At Paris Pendant Paris Photo programme. It is a panorama of festive events and exhibitions taking place throughout week the show is on.