Probabilities, Records, Experiments and Technique. Marie Cloquet and Margot Kalach. until July 31, 2024. Galería Hilario Galguera in collaboration with Patricia Conde Galería. Madrid – Spain

Probabilities, Records, Experiments and Technique is a collaborative exhibition which builds a dialogue between the work of Belgian artist Marie Cloquet and Mexican artist Margot Kalach. The constant organic transformation of the materials in Kalach’s works resonates with the composition created by Marie Cloquet’s fictitious landscapes, seeing these registers as new beginnings.

Their works as a whole are probabilities that depend on chance; from one side Kalach, inducing the result of her pieces by playing with chemical materials, light, and the exposure time of photography that generates a new image coming from these movements; On the other hand, Cloquet creates her body of work by tearing up her original photographs and then reconstructing them through collage. Cloquet covers some of her works with transparent watercolor, which together with the dimensions of the pieces, imply a higher degree of abstraction, fantasy, and unreality, creating new landscapes and melancholic and mysterious narratives through previous registers.

Each piece is a testimony of exploration, where Marie and Margot’s creative process becomes a journey that has no fixed destination, as it depends on the very experimentation in the artists’ practice. Through their records, they invite us to reflect on the nature of the image, the techniques and their ability to evoke emotions and memories.


This exhibition, besides being a sample of the photographic practice of both artists, is an exercise of imagination and discovery, where each work invites to explore new created territories. The camera becomes a bridge, a tool that opens a portal to the unknown, to new images, not of appropriation and perspective, but of creation towards diverse probabilities of drawing, light and collage.

The exhibition is part of the PhotoEspaña 2024 festival program.